The last day of school is Monday, June 2.  Students will be dismissed at 11:00.  Have a SAFE and HAPPY summer!





1-Pack 24 Ct. Crayons

1-Pencil box

4-“My First” Ticonderoga Pencils

1-Marbled composition book

6-Glue sticks

2-Pocket folders (NO prongs)

1-Towel or blanket for nap time

1-Change of clothes

1-NON-ROLLING book bag (to hold towel/blanket & jacket)

2-packs of Ticonderogaor Black Warrior Pencils            

1-2 pack of pink block erasers

2-Boxes of 8 pack Crayola crayons

4-Glue sticks

1-pack of washable markers




1-Book Bag

1-Pack Ticonderoga wooden pencils

1-Pack yellow highlighters

1-Box of 8 pack crayons

1-Pack of Glue Sticks

1-2 pack of pink block erasers

2-Three-subject spiral composition books

1-1 inch Binder 



4-One-subject composition books

1-Marbled composition book–(for journal use)

2-Plastic two pocket folders (no prongs)

1-Packs of loose leaf notebook paper

1-Zippered pencil pouch (no boxes)

1-Pack of colored pencils

2-packs of #2 Ticonderoga pencils

(no mechanical pencils or pens)





1-Pack Ticonderoga wooden pencils/No mechanical pencils

2-Packs of wide ruled loose leaf paper

3-Single subject spiral notebooks (ELA)

1-Pencil Pouch with zipper

2-Plastic pocket folders with prongs

(1 Take Home; 1 Math)

1-Pack of highlighters

1-Pack of colored pencils

4-Marble Notebooks

(1=Science; 1=History; 1=Reader Response; 1=Math)

20 or more sheet protectors

1-1 inch binder (writing)

4-glue sticks


5-One subject notebooks

1-Three subject plastic cover notebook

2-Plastic pocket folders

2-Packs of loose leaf paper

1-Zipper pencil pouch (no pencil boxes)

2-24ct packs Ticonderoga #2 pencils

      (no mechanical pencils, please)

1-12ct pack colored pencils

1-24ct Crayola crayons

2-24ct pack cap erasers

1-Pencil sharpener to keep in pencil pouch

4-Highlighters (different colors)

1-pk of sticky notes (Math/ELA)



1 – box of 24 crayons

1 – box of 12 colored pencils

1 – box of 24 pencils

1 – 1” 3-ring binder

1 – pack of 4 or 6 glue sticks


1 – pack of 8 dry erase markers (for math and ELA)

1 - primary black and white marble journal

1 – pack of 3x5 cards (for sight words)

1 – clear plastic shoe box for student supplies







“Around the House” Items You May Have—DO NOT PURCHASE

  • Baskets (Any Size)
  • Small objects/toys (no larger than the size of a golf ball) -- Used for lessons on sounds, color, rhyming, compound words, counting, geography, etc.
  • Small bowls 3-4” round
  • Trays (wood, bamboo, plastic, glass)
  • Small water pitchers – glass or plastic (for our Practical Life areas)
  • Tweezers and tongs
  • Beads (any size)


 Personal Items--(Please put your child’s name clearly and permanently on each of these items.)

  • 1 backpack large enough for a three ring binder (NO cartoon characters or commercialized TV actors, NO rolling backpack). If your child will be bringing a lunch box, please make sure that it is labeled with name and no cartoon characters or TV stars also.
  • 1 set of clothing in a gallon sized zip lock bag—write name clearly on the front of the bag (Please include 1 short sleeve shirt and 1 long sleeve shirt, pants, socks, underwear and an empty grocery bag for the soiled clothes)
  • 1 pair of soft soled indoor shoes (It must have a soft sole. NO flip flops, NO cartoon character and/or large, fuzzy house- shoes/slippers, PLEASE.  Good examples:  crocs style, Lands In, Toms, etc.)—These shoes will be left at school and used daily.


4 year olds only

One folding nap mat no larger than 1 x 19 x 45 inches and 3 ½ inches when folded (to fit in our new cubbies.)  Please leave in the factory plastic in case it is the wrong kind so that you can return it.


  • 2 king-sized white pillowcases – To be used as a mat “sheet”.  Please do not monogram or put their name on them.
  • Towel or small blanket (cannot be too thick, it will not fit in the cubbies)

Community Items-(Please do not put your child’s name on these items)

1-package of glue sticks (2 or 3)

1-1 inch3 ring binder

1-pack clear page protectors

1-Primary Journal (These journals have the lines at the bottom and blank space at the top to draw pictures.)


Community Supplies- These supplies will be placed together in a community pot.  Please do not put your child’s name on them.


1-Box of Ticonderoga Pencils              

1-White 1 inch Binder                           

2-Black Composition Books                 

1-Primary Composition Book               

1-Box of 24 Crayola Colored Pencils

2-Pencil Sharpeners


First Years Only:

1- Small Box Crayola  Crayons

1- Pack of Glue Sticks


Second Years Only:

1-Pack of Large Pink Erasers                


Third Years Only:

1-Pack of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper  


Personal Items- --(Please put your child’s name clearly and permanently on each of these items.)

  • Three ringed pencil pouch-large enough for colored pencils, eraser, and sharpener.
  • Soft soled shoes. No characters, bedroom shoes, or flip flops. Crocs work well.
  • One 4 X 6 framed family photo
  • One back pack large enough for 3 ring binder. No characters please.
  • Lunch box (If needed). No characters please. Cubby space is limited so please refrain from large, cooler sized lunchboxes.



Grades 4K – 2nd will have open house at the new Latta Elementary School (LES). Grades 3rd, 4th, and TMD will have open house at LES Annex (Old LES-122 Latimer Street). Using the first letter of your last name, the schedule below identifies your Open House/conference time with your child’s teacher.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you make every effort to attend as new procedures and paperwork will be discussed at this time.  Please arrive at the beginning of your scheduled time because teachers will not have time to repeat information and presentations.


1:00 – 1:45      ABCD                                                   4:00 – 4:45      NOPQ

2:00 – 2:45      EFGH                                                   3:00 – 3:45      IJKLM

5:00 – 5:45      RSTU                                                   6:00 – 6:45      VWXYZ



Visit our page dedicated to the ongoing construction of the new Latta Early Childhood Center. Be sure to check back often as we will be continually adding new pictures! *Updated 12.18.13*